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  Date: 04/12/2023

Global semicon company selects QuickLogic eFPGA IP on UMC 22nm

A global semiconductor company has selected QuickLogic eFPGA IP targeting the UMC 22nm platform.

QuickLogic said it's eFPGA IP solution, powered by the Australis IP generator, was chosen for its ability to deliver a customized eFPGA IP version within one quarter of contract signing, and the short time for creating subsequent eFPGA IPs based on this configuration. The proprietary automation of the Australis IP Generator enables this swift customization. Based on QuickLogic's extensive history as a trusted supplier of programmable logic, this customer viewed QuickLogic as the low-risk path to solutions that align with technical requirements, development schedules, and cost targets, all of which emphasizes our competitive advantage in saving customers money by reducing risk and time-to-market. The selection of our eFPGAs for this UMC 22nm-based project further underscores the strength of the QuickLogic technology and the Australis IP generator.

"Australis is the encapsulation of our three decades of expertise in programmable logic, across tens of device tape-outs and millions of production units shipped, combined with the power of open-source innovation. It's a testament to our commitment to delivering silicon-efficient, reliable, and high-quality eFPGA IP solutions to our customers," said Brian Faith, CEO of QuickLogic.

QuickLogic expecting to deliver its eFPGA IP to its customer in Q1, 2024.

Source: QuickLogic

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