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  Date: 15/05/2023

3DX-DRAM from Neo Semiconductor show the way ahead for high density DRAM

3-D scaling was easier for NAND flash memory, applying similar technique for 3D DRAM manufacturing was not possible due to the capacitor component of DRAM. Company called Neo Semiconductor who hold a lot of patents in memory manufacturing has developed a process similar to 3-D NAND manufacturing for manufacturing DRAM chips. The solution called 3D X-DRAM feature high densities of 8x more compared to present DRAM.

3D X-DRAM uses floating body cell technology instead of capacitor. The structure of the cell is similar to the cell of 3-D NAND flash memory. Due to this it is possible to achieve high density of 128 Gb by using 230 layer structure. It stores electric charges on a floating body without capacitor. NEO claims 8X density and capacity improvements per decade with this technology.

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