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  Date: 15/05/2023

AI processor role and space increasing in Smart Phone SoCs in 2023

AI Processors are playing a key role in Smartphone SoCs. All the top four leading vendors of mobile phone SOC chips are integrating accelerators and neural processors in their SOC chips.

Srinivasa Reddy N., Editor of EE Herald has written an article how AI processors are helping mobile phone SOC designers to design chips with humanlike thinking capability.
He explains how the industry is shifting from node race to AI race, where he writes "The Performance of smart phone is directly dependent on the power of processor cores inside SOC. The semiconductor technology node at which these chips were manufactured was a key factor, so that more processor cores can be packed in smaller space. There was compulsory mention of which chip foundry and what node; the chip was made in the product review articles of popular best selling smart phones. With Samsung and TSMC both have a tough time going beyond 3 nm. The processor performance is expected to be defined now more by the AI engines inside the chips. AI performance of chip is now a multiplying factor."

Read the full article:
Smart Phone SoC design 2023 trends: AI processor is factoring-in

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