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  Date: 22/02/2024

TT Electronics to unveils its smart sensors, paassives, and PM solutions at APEC 2024

TT Electronics to exhibit its innovative lineup of smart sensors, passive components, and power management solutions at APEC 2024. This premier event, gathering power electronics professionals, will take place in Long Beach, California from February 26 to 28. With a focus on sustainability and mission-critical performance, TT Electronics aims to showcase its latest advancements that enable a cleaner, smarter, and healthier future.

At its Booth 719, TT Electronics will highlight a diverse range of products tailored to meet the evolving demands of various industries. Among these offerings, the LRMAH2512 High-Power Shunt Resistor will take center stage, boasting a robust 6W rating and an amps range in the hundreds. This cutting-edge resistor is ideal for precision current measurements in motor control, power supply, and battery management applications, underscoring TT's commitment to delivering innovative solutions for sustainable technologies.

In addition to resistor products, TT Electronics will showcase its smart sensors and passive components designed to capture data, inform decisions, and support artificial intelligence. Visitors can explore a variety of offerings, including non-contact Hall effect sensors, infrared optical switches, and arrays tailored for object or fluid detection. Moreover, fixed and variable resistors optimized for current sensing, power management, and signal conditioning will be on display, demonstrating TT's dedication to advancing technological capabilities.

Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about TT's power management solutions, including reliable power conversion and distribution solutions designed to drive optimum system performance. These solutions cater to mission-critical applications in harsh environments, such as aerospace and defense, as well as miniaturized coils, transformers, and inductors tailored for implantable devices and surgical navigation.

By prioritizing sustainability and delivering high-performance solutions, TT demonstrates its commitment to addressing the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

Source: TT Electronics

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