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  Date: 07/02/2024

Yamaha unveils electronics component inspection equipment with high speed and precision

Today's complex electronics printed circuit boards uses extremely miniature, thin and glossy-surfaced SMT components such as 0201-sized chips and devices in WLCSPs and FOWLPs packages. There is also need for compatibility to mount ultra-small chips at narrow pitch is dramatically increasing. Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies are challenged to produce high precision electronics manufacturing at higher speed and precision. To address this need, Yamaha Motor has launched the new YRi-V TypeHS to its YRi-V 3D hybrid automated optical inspection (AOI) system lineup to inspect loaded printed circuit boards. This new equipment set to debut on March 1??, 2024. This high-end specification system boasts enhanced image processing capabilities, achieving both high speed and high precision for electronic component mounting factories.

EMS machine

The YRi-V TypeHS incorporates a high-resolution 25-megapixel camera, coupled with state-of-the-art CPU and GPU applications, delivering significantly improved image processing. With resolutions of 7 Ám and 5 Ám, the system offers inspection speeds approximately 1.6 times faster than previous models, positioning it as one of the industry's fastest AOI systems.

Moreover, Yamaha Motor has introduced a high-performance 3D line laser alongside the conventional high-precision 8-direction 3D projector. This combination enables more accurate reproduction of the shapes of specular and transparent components, enhancing inspection capabilities. The system's heightened accuracy in detecting ultra-small chips and specular-glossy components, including 0201-sized chips, contributes to elevated quality in module and device PCB production.

The YRi-V TypeHS represents Yamaha Motor's commitment to advancing AOI technology to meet evolving industry demands for faster and more precise inspection processes. With its debut at the 38th INTERNEPCON JAPAN exhibition, the system showcases Yamaha Motor's dedication to innovation and excellence in electronics manufacturing equipment. As part of Yamaha Motor's comprehensive approach to the mounting process, the Yri-V TypeHS integrates seamlessly into the Intelligent Factory concept, offering a smart solution for enhancing efficiency and productivity across the production line.

EMS machine

Source: Yamaha

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