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  Date: 28/12/2023

60-150 Amperes rated fuse to protect Li-ion Batteries overcharging in Evs

Japan based company called Dexerials offering range of fuses to protect Li-ion Batteries from overcharging in electric vehicles (EV) and such applications. Li-ion Batteries overcharging causes battery to loose life and also can cause fire.

Here are details of the fuse offerings from Dexerials:

150 Amps SMD fuse (2-mode type) SFM series:Pb-free and screw mountable fuse offers the rated voltage of 125 and rated current 150 A, the largest size in product lineup.

60 Amps SMD fuse SFK series:Achieving rated current 60 Amperes as a surface mounted fuses. Applicable up to 10 cells in series.

100 Amps SMD fuse PTA series: Surface mountable large-current fuse for protecting electronic devices from overcurrent. Small and thin with a height of 2 mm and a rated current of 100 Amperes.

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