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  Date: 26/12/2023

SensiML Unveils Data Studio - Next-Generation Sensor Data Management for AI/ML

SensiML Corporation launched of Data Studio, a ground-breaking platform designed to redefine the landscape of sensor data management. With a focus on practicality and efficiency, Data Studio empowers engineers and data scientists by offering an integrated solution that addresses the most time-consuming tasks in AI engineering projects - creating high-quality datasets for evaluating and developing ML models.

According to Cognilytica, a well-respected AI / ML consulting firm, approximately 80% of the total time for machine learning (ML) projects is allocated to data preparation. These tasks include data identification, aggregation, cleansing, labeling, and augmentation all of which are supported in SensiML's collaborative development environment.

SensiML Data Studio significantly improves productivity and simplifies dataset management for anyone working on sensor data ML projects. With real-time connectivity, intuitive visualization tools, sensor data video synchronization, and robust support for large-scale collaborative projects, it offers a seamless experience for developers on edge devices, gateways, PCs, and cloud platforms.

A comprehensive overview of all the features of Data Studio can be found on the SensiML website. The primary features are highlighted below:

Effortless Data Capture and Import - Capture live sensor data, analyze it instantly, and label any data for seamless insights.
Collaboratively Label Sensor Data - Employ flexible labeling methodologies for sensor data, including manual, AI-assisted, and custom and sync video for effortless complex labeling. Store and analyze data locally on your computer or remotely.
Data Analysis and Model Evaluation - Visually compare ML models, filter, transform, and fuse sensor data all with built-in tools and your own Python expertise.
Label and Data Versioning Keep track of your labels and model results with versioned labels. Easily export your project to an open format.

"SensiML Data Studio makes sensor data management and analysis more accessible and efficient, empowering developers to build better, more impactful applications using sensor data across a wide range of industries," said Chris Knorowski, CTO of SensiML.

SensiML Data Studio is poised to transform sensor data analysis, offering a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, and data scientists across diverse sectors from agriculture and consumer wearables to medical devices, smart buildings, and factory maintenance.


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