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  Date: 04/12/2023

Photovoltaic Liquid Flux designed for soldering small surface areas of wire

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions introduced ALPHA SF828-MBB, a Photovoltaic Liquid Flux Designed for soldering small surface areas of wire and delivering excellent peel force and high machine cleanliness.

More details:
ALPHA SF828-MBB contains a unique blend of ingredients that overcome the smaller surface area of wire =0.4mm used in ever-evolving multi-busbar technology to achieve excellent interconnection. The flux delivers fast wetting with minimal or no heating prior to wire ribbon dipping for higher process efficiency.

“MacDermid Alpha developed ALPHA SF828-MBB to meet the photovoltaic market’s drive to create applications that provide improved efficiency and reliability,” comments Bernice Chung, Product Manager – Wave Soldering Products at MacDermid Alpha. “The high peel strength provided by ALPHA SF828-MBB ensures long-term reliability of the solder joints for long module life. It also delivers excellent soldering yields and ribbon-cell interconnection.”

During field trials, ALPHA SF828-MBB exhibited less residue, which supports higher power transfer efficiencies and less equipment maintenance. User feedback also noticed superb adhesion and no yellowing bubbling across different EVA laminations.

Source: MacDermid Alpha

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