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  Date: 07/11/2023

LC type active optical connectors made by Panasonic supports 20 Mbps to 8 Gbps

The new V Series LC Connector Type Active Optical Connectors from Panasonic include a Duplex-LC Connector, a Plug-To-LC Connector Type that can transmit a signal with a broad data rate from 20 Mbps to 8 Gbps for intra-device or inter-device connection.


These connectors enhance Panasonic's existing Active Optical Connector offerings by providing the LC Connection to achieve long-distance transmission while maintaining high speeds, noise immunity, and electrical isolation characteristics.

Suggested as perfect for applications that require low power consumption, V Series LC Connector Types does not need to be cleaned when inserted or removed which is normally required in passive optical connectors.
These are also light in weight and feature small footprint to reduce board space by 80% and contains a “V-Groove” to allow for passive alignment to improve signal integrity.

Allowing Diversity of Connection Type, these duplex LC Connectors provide noise immunity/Electrical Isolation enabling stronger signal fidelity and device/human Protection.

Industries and Applications:

Medical / Endoscopy, MRI
Industrial Printing / Between Ink Jet Head and Control Board
Machine Vision / Between Camera Head and Control Board
Measurement / Between Detector and Processor

New Source: Panasonic

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