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  Date: 12/04/2022

AUTOSAR and Khronos collaborate on automotive graphics

Automotive standards organization AUTOSAR and 3D graphics industry Consortium Khronos have signed a MoU to ensure coordination in common requirements and developments with a focus on accelerated graphics and computing in automotives. Both the standards development organizations intend to align standardization activities as the two organizations to harmonize development results.

“Khronos has joined the AUTOSAR Development Cooperation as an Attendee to participate in AUTOSAR Working Groups to ensure a productive flow of information between the two organizations. We look forward to a deeper understanding of AUTOSAR’s requirements to help ensure that Khronos standards such as SYCL, OpenCL, and Vulkan SC are effective in satisfying demanding automotive use cases,” said Neil Trevett, Khronos president.

“AUTOSAR warmly welcomes working with Khronos. This will allow us to leverage Khronos' industry-leading expertise in parallel computation for embedded applications to visualization on high-performance computers (HPC). In consequence it will strengthen automotive software and methodology development using safe parallel computation in open E/E System Architectures,” said Rinat Asmus, chairperson of AUTOSAR.

AUTOSAR and Khronos to participate in each other's events to make joint or individual development and standardization results available to a broader audience. As a first step, Khronos to participate in the 13th AUTOSAR Open Conference on May 11, 2022.

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