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  Date: 14/12/2020

Wristband maker Nymi partners with ELATEC

Wearable wristband maker Nymi is partnering with maker of RFID and NFC/BLE mobile device reader ELATEC to ensure Nymi’s Workplace wearables to seamlessly work with ELATEC’s readers.

The Nymi Wearable wristband continuously authenticates the user until it is removed from the wrist for a zero-trust security by using touchfree fingerprint and heartbeat biometrics.

ELATEC RFID readers are popular in Europe and North America, where it is used in vending and dispensing machines, secure printing, computer single sign-on and door access.

“This partnership with ELATEC provides important market reach and compatibility for our Workplace Wearables,” said Andrew Foxcroft, Vice President of Nymi. “The Nymi Band is being rapidly adopted in industries like pharma and medical device manufacturing with an emphasis on privacy, security, and a natural user experience. ELATEC reader compatibility will facilitate penetration of these and other industries and global regions.”

The Nymi Band enables touch free passwordless access to healthcare, ensuring safety and security of connected workers particularly during COVID-19.

“We’re delighted to be working with Nymi in providing a frictionless and hands-free authentication, authorization, and access control solution for our customers across numerous industries,” said Paul Massey, CEO of ELATEC Inc. “Wearable technology enables a very positive user experience and exciting new applications for our reader solutions.”

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