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  Date: 14/12/2020

DALI Alliance Joins IP-BLiS, a IoT building automation group

DALI Alliance, a global consortium of lighting companies has joined IP-BLiS. IP-BLiS as an industry group started by BACnet International, KNX Association, OCF, Thread Group and the Zigbee Alliance. IP-BLiS is working on making Internet protocol (IP) as a common networking protocols for lighting and building-automation solutions.

A secure, all IP-based configuration can enhance security and enable easy connectivity between previously-isolated applications. IP networking is also scalable, faster and lessen the cost of integration.

“On behalf of all the leading lighting companies that comprise our membership, we are excited to join IP-BLiS and help to address the complexity and connectivity roadblocks in smart buildings,” said Paul Drosihn, General Manager of the DALI Alliance. “Internally, our team is making strong progress towards our first DALI over IP specification, which will enable DALI networks with wireless connectivity, as well as IP addressing and security.”

“DALI, as the leading digital lighting-control protocol, joining IP-BLiS is highlighting once again the importance of making commercial buildings more responsive to the needs of users by promoting a secure, multi-standard, IP-based harmonized IoT solution, which is fully in-line with the vision of IP-BLiS. With DALI as a new member, we see IP-BLiS confirmed in its previous activities and success in the IP-BLiS roadmap for the future,” said Casto Cañavate, Chair of IP-BLiS.

IP-BLiS will only promote IP based networking without creating its own standards but will allow companies to decide which solution or solutions works best. It will align with the security requirement of the industry. For more information visit

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