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  Date: 13/12/2020

OTT and cable on Android TV

The home TV is now a combination of OTT and cable. To reduce the cumbersome and complex connections to your smart television, there is a need to have single box and simple single user interface device to control. To address this issue, consumer-media-entertainment technology company Amino launched it's new AminoOS powered Amigo 7XC, which basically converge OTT and Cable on Android TV.

AminoOS enables cable operators operating DVB-C or hybrid DVB-C/T n/ws with a less costing route to deliver UHD and HDR video content over IP on converged n/ws. AminoOS also provides cable operators operating QAM and DVB-C a cost-effective migration to IP.

“IP content services are incredibly popular globally, due to IP providing consumers with greater choice, flexibility and innovation in the user experience,” commented Donald McGarva, Group CEO, Amino. “For several years, we have utilized our expertise and experience in IP video to help traditional broadcast operators fight back by merging OTT services with terrestrial, IPTV and satellite services. Our new hybrid Amigo 7XC device enables cable operators to control HDMI-1, seamlessly providing merged IP and cable services without the consumer needing to change input. This enables operators and consumers with a ‘best of both world’s’ approach, combining a modern Android TV experience with the QoS advantage of a managed TV network.”

McGarva concludes: “This is an exciting time for the Android TV Operator Tier and the numbers show that take up is accelerating. We look forward to helping cable operators to harness the benefits of IP delivery and Android TV to expand their TV offering with advanced services, great QoS and a slick modern user interface.”

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