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  Date: 10/12/2020

STL offering Open RAN multi-band radio solution for 5G n/ws

STL is offering Open RAN based end-to-end multi-band radio solution for next generation 5G networks which includes Radio Unit (RU), Centralised Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU).

Keeping affordability, low latency communications and massive IoT as some of the objectives, STL trying to build world-class, open and agile ecosystem by gaining deep expertise in Open RAN standards based software integration and related hardware. STL collaborating with Saankhya Labs, VVDN and the associated Open RAN ecosystem for reaping expertise.

Commenting on the development of the multi-band radio, Dr. Badri Gomatam, Group CTO, STL said, “Our global ecosystem is designed to ensure reliable and scalable deployment of Open RAN radio units and small cells. With our collective engineering experience on open interfaces across distributed units and radio units (DU/RU), we are directly addressing the all-important issue of vendor lock-ins for RAN infrastructure. STL’s ecosystem of specialists and a new approach to 5G Radio Units, will help global operators confidently speed up large-scale deployments of 4G and 5G”.

“A robust global ecosystem for Open RAN components is critical to the accelerated deployment of 5G,” said Marc Rouanne, EVP & Chief Network Officer, DISH Network. “The visibility and control provided at every layer by open interfaces is critical for operators to effectively manage and enhance their networks. I am extremely encouraged to see STL taking a leadership role in launching critical components for multi-band radio and other solutions for the Open RAN ecosystem,” he added.

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