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  Date: 30/04/2009

Latest version of MATLAB, Simulink to support multicore processor systems

MathWorks has announced Release 2009a (R2009a) of its MATLAB, Simulink, and PolySpace product families. R2009a utilizes parallel computing techniques to work faster on multicore and multiprocessor systems up to eight cores.

The core DSP functions of MATLAB such as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) are implemented using multithreaded computing. The Simulink code is generated fast through multi-core execution and also the polyspace code verification is made faster.

By adapting to parallel computing, the new version can enable the user to distribute computation on up to eight MATLAB sessions loaded on a multicore processor based desktop computer.

R2009a has a new automotive-electronics specific feature called Vehicle Network Toolbox, which enables a direct connection between MATLAB and CAN bus networks for analysis and testing in automotives. By enabling access to live vehicle communication data, Vehicle Network Toolbox brings the power of MATLAB to automotive engineers working on simulations, test cells, and prototype vehicles.

The other major feaure is, Simulink design optimization, which enables Simulink users to estimate and tune model parameters using numeric optimization.
Some other key features include:

Curve Fitting Toolbox - support for surface fitting, including a new graphical user interface
Real-Time Workshop and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder - enables users to tailor the generated code by specifying high-level objectives such as efficiency or traceability
Symbolic Math Toolbox - automatic generation of Simulink blocks from symbolic math expressions, for equation-based first-principles modeling
SimBiology - support for pharmacokinetic modeling, plus nonlinear mixed-effects models for parameter estimation.

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