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  Date: 09/04/2022

Wind River announce new set of New studio Linux Services

Wind River announces a new set of New studio Linux Services. New Studio Linux Services include the following:

Security and Compliance Scanning: Professional-grade scanning of Linux platforms for CVEs and license issues
Security and Compliance Analysis and Remediation: Deep-dive analysis of CVEs and license compliance issues on existing platforms that can directly impact the open source software of a project; remediation of critical CVEs as well as a license compliance remediation recommendation
Lifecycle Security: Continuous CVE monitoring, mitigation, and management through the software development and deployment lifecycle
Lifecycle Performance Assurance: A full lifecycle management service for Linux platforms and board support packages; delivers technical solutions and support to help keep software current, secure, and stable throughout the life of the device
Architecture and Implementation: Thorough architectural assessment of hardware and software needs for the full lifecycle of the project, including interpretation of system requirements, architecting of platform system options, and recommendations for meeting business, technical, and program goals; also ongoing technical solution assessments for emerging requirements as the project advances

Wind River says its new Wind River Studio Linux Services to further address evolving challenges around security, defects, compliance, and the ongoing management of mission-critical intelligent systems when using community- based open source software.

“Mission-critical embedded systems have some of the most demanding requirements with the longest lifespans, and teams must plan to build, manage, and maintain them over years or decades. This is especially challenging in an intelligent systems future that demands increasing vigilance around security and compliance,” said Amit Ronen, senior vice president, Customer Success at Wind River. “Wind River Studio Linux Services directly addresses the evolving market needs of developing, deploying, and maintaining embedded systems. By helping developers build and deploy robust, reliable, and secure Linux-based intelligent devices and systems, Studio Linux Services can remove the burden of monitoring and maintaining platforms so developers can instead focus on developing innovative and differentiated intelligent edge systems that maximize return on investment.”

“AMD welcomes the new Wind River Studio Linux Services into our software ecosystem for Yocto Project-based Linux systems and devices running on AMD processors. Together with Wind River, AMD can help customers address a variety of challenges and enable a development ecosystem to deliver success with high-performance processors, and open source software and services, said Surya Hotha, senior director, Product Marketing, Embedded Business, AMD.

“To serve an increasingly connected, smarter, and autonomous world, our customers must be ready to handle complex computing workloads for a variety of intelligent systems. Open source innovation will continue to help drive this new reality,” said Jeff Steinheider, vice president and general manager, Industrial Edge Processing, NXP® Semiconductors. “By working closely with NXP, Wind River brings these new service offerings to our ecosystem, delivering customers the security and safety required to meet the needs of these new intelligent use cases across multiple industries.”

“The TCx SKY Retail Operating System powers over 1 million checkout lanes across some of the most demanding retail environments,” said Mike Yeung, EVP and CTO at Toshiba. “Our customers depend on Toshiba to provide rock-solid stability and security to power the future generation of microservices and IOT edge workloads that will define the future retail store experience. We partnered with Wind River because of their proven capability of providing mission-critical solutions.”

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