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  Date: 31/03/2022

Elite X Super-TCXO for edge networks from SiTime

MEMS based timing device maker SiTime launched new Elite X Super-TCXO for edge networks such as data centers, 5G front haul, connected cars and industrial IoT.

Mems-based oscillation devices or less sensitive thermal shock and vibrations compared to quartz-based oscillation devices. Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime says SiTime' Elite X Super-TCXO shines by delivering 2x better stability and 30x higher reliability than quartz.

This new TCXOs perform better in terms of aging, warm-up time, and power consumption compared to legacy timing devices.

With Elite X (10-20 ppb stability), Emerald (5 ppb), and Elite (50-500 ppb), SiTime offers a range of TCXOs and OCXOs that meet various application requirements in communications, networking, automotive, and industrial IoT.

SiT5501 Elite X Super-TCXO Features and Benefits

The SiT5501 Elite X Super-TCXO includes the following features and benefits:

10 ppb frequency stability
-40C to +105C operating temperature. More applications require 105C operation.
110 mW typical power consumption
Small package, 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm
0.5 ppb/C dF/dT (frequency slope), resistant to thermal shock and airflow
0.5 ppb daily aging
Any frequency from 1 to 60 MHz with up to 6 decimal places of accuracy

Samples of the SiT5501 Elite X Super-TCXO are available now, with volume production in Q32022.

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