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  Date: 23/03/2022

Panasonic's new SMT aluminium CAP deliver high endurance in harsh weather

Panasonic added a new high endurance surfacemount aluminium electrolytic capacitors designed to withstand high humidity and high temperature and Low 9 mO Max. ESR. The new EEF-JX series SP-caps Feature high endurance of 3000 hours at a temperature of 125 Deg C. EEF-JX series are set to offer three times more high reliability compared to its existing offerings under high temperature conditions.

Panasonic’s EEF-JX Series SP-Caps provide low 9 mO max. ESR and high durability under high temperature and high humidity conditions of 1,000 hours at 85°C/85% in a damp-heat steady state.

These capacitors all designed by using Panasonic’s proprietary conductive polymer formation and manufacturing process technology to give a long life.

Features and Benefits of EEF-JX Series SP-CAP

Low ESR: 9 mO Max.
Capacitance Range: 220 µF to 470 µF Max.
High Temperature / Long Life: 3000 Hours at 125°C
Ripple Current Range: 6300 mAr.m.s
Product Height: 1.9mm Max.
Operating Temperature Range: -55 °C to +125 °C
RoHS / REACH Compliant
Halogen Free.

These capacitors are suggested for use in power circuits powering processor, graphic processor, and FPGA semiconductor devices, and any such applications where you got to manage a lot of ripple, an input voltage variations and deliver quality power in harsh environment conditions.

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