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  Date: 08/02/2021

Handheld XRF Analyzer for elemental detection

The new handheld XRF analyzer launched by Thermo Fisher Scientific uses x-ray fluorescence technology in offering lab quality elemental analysis directly in the field. The small and light Niton XL5 Plus weighs only 2.8lbs. With enhanced software and improved detector technology, the Niton XL5 Plus analyzes both light elements and heavy metals.

"Inspection personnel tasked with material verification or contaminant detection are faced with constant pressure to provide quick and accurate analysis. A challenging task when considering the often harsh or remote environments that these professionals work in," said Chloe Hansen-Toone, vice president and general manager with Thermo Fisher's field and safety instruments business. "With the Niton XL5 Plus, we've made significant advancements to our legacy handheld XRF analyzer that improves the accuracy and accessibility of data, empowering operators to make insightful decisions that enable a safer worksite."

Niton XL5 Plus features new detector protection to mitigate the risk of damage to the detector window helping in improving durability of the XRF analyzer, particularly in recycling and scrap metal settings where punctures from sharp objects is common. As a result, operators can avoid costly repairs and enjoy an extended product lifetime.

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