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  Date: 10/01/2021

Silicon Labs Z-Wave 700 module powered Ezlo hubs

Ezlo Innovation designed hubs powered by Silicon Labs Z-Wave 700 Series Module uses Silicon Labs Z-Wave wireless technology and seamless connectivity.

Ezlo Secure with 4G LTE connectivity and a built-in backup battery keep the smart home online even during electrical power and Internet outage. This device offers control for Z wave, Zigbee and RF345/433 MHz devices and also enables control of over 27,000 Wi-Fi devices paired by Amazon Alexa or Google assistant. It can be used to control devices such as thermostats, door locks, lights, sensors and many such home devices. Ezlo Plus, except the battery offer nearly same features as Ezlo Secure.

Company claims Ezlo Secure is 4x more powerful and 2x faster than the market-leading hub and is designed to let consumers have everything in their home just the way they like.

“With so much choice for smart home users, it can quickly get confusing as to which route to take, particularly when hubs only support single technologies,” said Matt Saunders, vice president of IoT products at Silicon Labs. “Ezlo has designed an elegant hub that can connect to devices on multiple technology platforms and includes one of the first deployments of Silicon Labs’ Z-Wave 700 Series Module, which offers leading connectivity and reliability. Together, Silicon Labs and Ezlo make it easier for consumers to securely interact with devices across a range of protocols.”

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