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  Date: 14/12/2020

Yachts and luxury boats gets smart-home like control sys

Advanced digital control system from FLIR Systems is bringing smart, home-automation like technology to luxury boats and yachts. The product named Raymarine YachtSense with a modular, flexible, and scalable architecture enables boat builders to customise the control solution for each of the models. By using this system, captains can control every onboard system with simple, touchscreen operation from any Axiom mutlifunction display.

Easy-to-use and failsafe' YachtSense modules are housed in rugged IPX6 waterproof enclosures to ensure high reliability.

Raymarine YachtSense enables replacement of mechanical switches with touch screens controls integrated into Raymarine’s Axiom marine navigation systems.

YachtSense system consists of YachtSense Master Module, Power Supply Module and a combination of additional multi-channel signal modules to interface with lights, pumps, windlass, swim platforms and entertainment systems, climate control, generators, and any mechanical systems and electrical systems which need to be controlled.

“YachtSense is the new standard in premium digital control solution for today’s most sophisticated vessels,” says Gregoire Outters, General Manager for the Raymarine brand at FLIR Systems. “Our smart, modular and expandable system gives total freedom to boat builders to design ultra-reliable and highly tailored solutions that best meet the individual needs of their specific vessels and customers.”

During any unexpected scene, YachtSense' master Modules feature an integrated keypad for manual override, as well as an LCD for system diagnostics. This product is sold with three-year warranty,
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