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  Date: 14/12/2020

Die to wafer bonding equipment for utraintegrated 3D Ics

In semiconductor equipment industry, there is a growing need of technologies enabling better die to wafer bonding for manufacturing heterogeneously integrated 3-D semiconductor chips such as high bandwidth memory, logic on memory chiplets, 3-D stacked backside illuminated CMOS image sensors.

EV Group says its EVG 320 D2W die preparation and activation system hybrid bonding incorporates all critical pre-processing modules for heterogeneous integration. The system does cleaning, plasma activation, die alignment verification and other essential metrology. The equipment can be operated as a standalone system or integrated with 3rd party pick-and-place die bonding systems.

"For 20 years, EVG has continually set new standards for wafer-to-wafer hybrid and fusion bonding with the largest installed base of wafer bonding solutions worldwide," stated Paul Lindner, executive technology director of EV Group. "We have already begun serving the needs of the emerging die-to-wafer market with a dedicated version of our established EVG GEMINI FB system specially configured for die-to-wafer bonding. The new EVG320 D2W die preparation and activation system adds to our expertise in die-to-wafer bonding and completes EVG's equipment portfolio for providing an end-to-end hybrid bonding solution to accelerate the deployment of 3D/heterogeneous integration. In the future, we anticipate that both wafer-to-wafer and die-to-wafer process flows will be required and run in parallel in numerous fabs for heterogeneous integration applications, providing many opportunities for EVG to support this critical and rapidly growing technology landscape."

Several different D2W bonding methods are available and are selected depending upon the application and customer requirements. In collective D2W (Co-D2W) bonding, singulated dies are placed on collective die carriers and then are transported to a target wafer for die transfer where a W2W hybrid or fusion bonding system, such as the GEMINI FB, are used to bond the dies to the target wafer. In direct placement D2W (DP-D2W) bonding, the singulated dies are bonded to the target wafer one by one using a pick-and-place flip-chip bonder. Plasma activation and cleaning of the surfaces of the dies on the handler wafer are essential steps for establishing a high-yielding bond and electrical interface between the dies and target wafer. This is where the EVG320 D2W activation system comes in, as explained in the release by EV Group.

Flexible EVG320 D2W provides universal hardware/software interface to enable seamless integration with third-party pick-and-place die bonding systems. It can be used as a stand-alone system depending on integration and line balancing requirements. The system incorporates EVG's advanced cleaning and plasma activation technology, which is available across its industry-standard W2W fusion and hybrid bonding platforms and has been proven in hundreds of installed modules worldwide.

EVG320 D2W EVG's alignment verification module (AVM) provides direct feedback to the die bonder on critical process parameters including die placement accuracy and die-height data and post-bond metrology. It can also handle flexible substrate to accommodate any type of die carrier or film frame that can support plasma activation, hybrid and fusion bonding cleanliness standards, and SECS/GEM standard support.

EVG is now accepting orders for the new EVG320 D2W die preparation and activation system.

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