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  Date: 10/12/2020

STL's Wi-Fi 6 AP deliver 5G level of performance at crowded places

A new outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Point (AP) is launched by STL to deploy at places such as stadiums and airports with large number of users. It was laucnched at India Mobile Congress 2020 event.

STL’s Wi-Fi 6 AP supports large bandwidth demands by executing level 1 processing at the edge in offering 5G level performance in terms of speed and latency in an unlicensed spectrum. STL’s WiFi-6 AP enables carrier-class Wi-Fi which can be part of heterogeneous network services offering high speed public connectivity complementing 5G.

The features shared by STL in its release includes:

a. Large bandwidth support - upto 160 Mhz
b. Enlarged coverage - Supports dual radio (5 & 2.4G) support
c. Increased data throughput - 12 antenna chains for Dual Band (8x8 in 5G / 4x4 in 2G)
d. Customized antenna design - to meet any specific capacity & coverage requirements
e. Ease of deployment - Supports both power source DC and PoE++
f. Legacy compatibility - Seamlessly works with both optical and copper backhaul

Sushil Rawat, VP RAN Platform at Rakuten Mobile who launched this product said, “When we talk about ubiquitous connectivity in outdoor environments, intelligent and dynamic networks are at the core of it. The industry needs an integrated solution that leverages Wi-Fi 6 technology to provide carrier-class connectivity in dense environments. We are excited` to see STL developing such a solution which promises to deliver a powerful and immersive Wi-Fi connectivity experience for high-density deployments."

Dr. Badri Gomatam, Group CTO, STL said, “Globally, service providers are reinventing and innovating to provide the best experience to their customers. In the coming decade, public connectivity will play a major role in the network landscape. In line with our purpose of transforming billions of lives through digital networks, we have developed this integrated Wi-Fi 6 solution, which will provide high speed and low latency communications in high-density environments.”

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