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  Date: 11/11/2020

170 V eGaN FET from EPC for range of applications

Efficient Power Conversion' new 170 V eGaN FET EPC2059 with 6.8 milli ohms on-res is suitable for 48 V – 56 V server and data center products, consumer power supply applications for high end computing, such as gaming computers, LCD/LED televisions, and LED lights.

The EPC2059 is suggested for use as a switching device in DC-DC secondary-side sync rectification of AC/DC adaptors, fast battery chargers, in the power range of 100 W to 6 kW.

According to Alex Lidow, EPC’s co-founder and CEO, “There are very significant performance advantages gained from using GaN in the secondary-side synchronous rectification socket of AC/DC adaptors. In a 400 V to 48 V conversion, switching at 1 MHz, GaN has shown to have one-sixth the losses and run 10 degrees cooler than a silicon MOSFET with equivalent on resistance. This enables designers to meet the latest stringent energy efficiency standards for high-end computing, where growth is exploding for multiple applications, such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and high-end gaming systems.”

EPC Is also offering a development board for this switching device. The 2” x 2” (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm) size board is designed for optimal switching performance and contains all critical components for easy evaluation of the EPC2059.

The EPC2059 is priced at $1.59 each in 2.5Ku volumes and the EPC9098 development board is priced at $123.75 each.
Both can be ordered at Digikey component distributor site at

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