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  Date: 09/11/2020

High-purity indium as ingot or shot

Indium Corporation announced the availability of high purity Indium ingot or shot as 6N (99.9999%) or 6N5 (99.99995%). Indium also offering 6N5 grade with individual controlled impurities.

Highly pure Indium metal is used as starting material in compound semiconductors what is called as III-V. Compound semiconductor material is increasingly used in power switching semiconductors, optoelectronic devices, and sensors such as infrared detectors, infrared LEDs.
Indium Corporation has also released a high-reliability alloy with enhanced thermal cycling performance specially formulated for harsh environments.

Indalloy 292 is suitable for use in high temperatures in many automotive applications, where is offers good performance in harsh thermal cycling conditions from -40 to 150 Degree°C

Other suggested features include: excellent chip resistor thermal cycling performance with zero failures for over 3,000 cycles, excellent ball grid array (BGA) thermal cycling performance with characteristic lifetimes 2X that of other leading high-reliability solders, enhanced thermal cycling reliability on Cu OSP, ImSn, and other standard PCB surface finishes.

Indalloy 292 is also best for its printability, stability, and enhanced SIR performance when paired with Indium8.9HF Solder Paste. Indium8.9HF Solder Paste is an industry-proven solder paste series that delivers no-clean, halogen-free solutions designed to produce low-voiding, enhance electrical reliability, and improve stability during the printing process for high-reliability automotive electronics.

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