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  Date: 17/10/2020

Cryogenic temperature optimized probes for quantum computing tests

FormFactor said it has created a family of engineering probes optimized for operation at cryogenic temperatures to test the performance of devices operating at temperatures as low as 4 kelvin. Some of the typical applications are supercomputers and quantum computing. Quantum computing systems need specialized test and measurement tools operating just a few degrees above absolute zero temperature.

FormFactor's cryogenic probe collection enables on-wafer testing for DC (DCP Series Probes), high frequency RF (|Z|, Multi-|Z| and T-Wave Probes), and optical applications (LWP Series).

"The challenges of probing at these extreme low temperatures are significant,"? said Matt Losey, SVP and GM of the Probes Business Unit at FormFactor. "FormFactor's cryogenic probes are engineered with materials and architectures which thrive under cryogenic conditions to deliver superior performance for the high data rates required to test emerging computing Ics."

To learn more about FormFactor's family of cryogenic probes or custom versions to support special requirements, visit

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