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  Date: 26/10/2020

New 7nm routing chip churning 14.4 Terabits per Second

Broadcom launches router chip named Jericho2c+, featuring 14.4 terabits per second routing at a high power efficiency. The 7nm router chip enables a 36 Port 400GbE line-card with integrated security with only two chips saves footprint, complexity, power and costs compared to alternative solutions that require a far larger number of devices, as claimed by Broadcom.

Jericho2c+'s programmable pipe, large-scale forwarding databases and future-proofing matrix of programmable elements, provide a set of capabilities that addresses the most challenging routing requirements, says Broadcom. Jericho2c+ is also said to improve port density, increases subscribers scale, reduces power per bit, and reduces the total cost of ownership.

This chip solves the problem of higher power consumption with integrated line-rate MACSec on all network interfaces, making it the ideal solution for data center interconnect, metro and core switches.

"In the past, router vendors had to choose between a flexible pipe with feature concurrency versus power efficient high-bandwidth devices," said Bob Wheeler, principal analyst, The Linley Group. "Jericho2 disrupted the routing market by providing full routing capabilities without compromising performance. Jericho2c+ takes bandwidth, integration, and power efficiency to the next level, while adding line-rate security."

StrataDNX Jericho2c+ Series Key Benefits as per Broadcom:

Up to 14.4Tb/s switching and routing capacity per device
Up to 18,432 x 400G ports in single router of Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC)
Line rate MACSec and IPSec support over all network ports with flexible encapsulation scheme to enable a variety of secure tunneling options
Implemented with unparallel power efficiency using a 7nm die
Future-proofing via flexible and extensible Elastic Pipe
Carrier grade Hierarchical Traffic Manager with HBM-based deep packet buffer
PP tables scale, counters and ACLs expansion via KBP
SONiC support for fixed and modular systems

Availability: now sampling to qualified customers.

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