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  Date: 25/01/2018

Wearable emergency pendant for elderly people

Aprotech announced new line of ULE devices including two-way voice-enable emergency pendant designed using DSP Group’s advanced DHX91/ ULE (Ultra Low Energy) SoC (System-on-a-Chip) solution for low-power and voice control.

Aprotech wearable pendant has central alarm button, allowing for easy activation and two-way calls in case of an emergency. The Aprotech two-way pendent leverages key ULE attributes including high fidelity, superior range, two-way real-time audio, and ultra-low power consumption – which allows battery-operated devices such as this to work for years.

“The application of ULE in healthcare is a natural extension of the technology due to its range, low power consumption and lack of interference due to its dedicated frequency,” commented Yosi Brosh, CVP SmartVoice Product Line of DSP Group. “We are excited for this partnership with Aprotech as it introduces these pendants and IoT devices and look forward to see DSP Groups ULE DHX91 chipset grow in the health field.”

This device is designed more for elderly, care homes, and hospitals. Once the trigger button is activated, stored contacts will be notified via DSP Groups ULE DHX91 chipset, which operates on a secure network.

“We looked at all the market options and are convinced that ULE’s interference-free frequency bands are the best technology for our application,” commented Mr. Patrick Lee, Director at Aprotech. “When it comes to reliability, voice transmission and clear voice communication, the most important factors for our health alert devices, ULE was hands-down the technology-of-choice.”

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