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  Date: 22/01/2018

Wireless charging coil for non-phone applications

Wurth electronik eiSos is supplying transmission coil to work with Semtech's LinkCharge LP wireless charging solutions supporting charging of multiple low-power devices using single transmitter. The coil is designed for resonant inductive coupling , allowing several receivers to get charged at same time. Supporting wireless charging in the power range of 1 Watt, this coil can be used for applications such as hearing aid, activity tracker, smart headphones, smart jewellery and clothing, portable medical equipment and LED fixtures.

The WE-WPCC coil features high-frequency stranded wire with high permeability shielding with low resistance and high Q factor, compared to other previously available products in the market, according to Wurth Electronik.

Wurth Electronik also made available a new finished magnetic components catalogue. Wurth Electronik supplies free component samples on request.

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