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  Date: 05/04/2012

Kit from Cambridge Pixel add radar interface to ECDIS sys in ships

Cambridge Pixel, a developer of sensor processing and display solutions, introduces its new SPx-ECDIS radar toolkit that allow systems integrators building Windows-based Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) for commercial ships to add radar interfacing, scan conversion, chart display, target tracking, a Global Positioning System interface and record/replay functionality into their ECDIS solutions. ECDIS is an approved system to display information from electronic navigational charts and digital nautical charts and integrates these with other navigational sensors like radar to provide continuous position and navigational safety information.

The new International Maritime Organization regulations which come into force from July 2012 drove the introduction of Cambridge Pixel's SPx-ECDIS kit. These regulations mandate most large passenger ships, tankers and cargo vessels to integrate digital navigation (ECDIS) into bridge procedures. There is a market estimate of about 45,000 ships will be required to be fitted with ECDIS between 2012 and 2018.

Cambridge Pixel's new SPx-ECDIS kit provides considerable flexibility for customers looking to develop a flexible, open-systems ECDIS solution. The radar interface is based on the HPx-200C (for PCI) or HPx-200Ce (PCI-express) card, that provide a highly flexible interface for a wide range of radar signal types.

For radar display, the SPx-ECDIS product includes a powerful radar scan converter, that present a Plan Position Indicator (PPI) radar display image with fully configurable view, color, brightness, persistence and trail history. A range of options for combining the radar with application graphics, allowing for underlay/overlay graphics from navigational charts is provided by the scan converter. For chart display, the ECDIS application can take responsibility for this, leaving SPx-ECDIS to handle the radar, or else SPx-ECDIS can provide a full S57 chart display capability.

The built-in target tracker processes the radar video to extract and follow targets of interest. A range of target types and applications are configured in the tracker.

Cambridge Pixel's SPX-ECDIS kit is part of its SPx suite of software libraries and applications that provide highly flexible, ready-to-run software products or 'modules-of-expertise' for radar visualization, radar video distribution, plot extraction and target tracking.

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