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  Date: 16/07/2010

New 500V MOSFET family from IXYS

IXYS has launched the PolarP2 Power MOSFET family of 500V MOSFETs manufactured using IXYS' PolarP2 Technology Platform. These devices feature an optimized combination of low on-state resistance and gate charge, delivering a FOM as low as 12Ohm/nanocoulombs.

These devices enable the development of efficient power subsystems that are suitable for applications such as high frequency inverters in power conversion and solar energy generation. These devices are also suggested for switch/resonant-mode power supplies and UPS's for telecommunication, base stations, servers and server farms and energy efficient consumer appliances. These devices also aid in power factor correction circuits, motor drives, lamp ballasts, laser drivers, DC-DC converters, robotics and servo control.

This MOSFET family consists of two subclasses
1. PolarP2 Standard (cost effective)
2. PolarP2 HiPerFET (high performance)

Features of PolarP2 Standard versions inlcude:
1. Available with drain current ratings of 16, 25, 42, and 52 Amperes.
2. IXYS says that these new standard versions demonstrate up to a 20 percent reduction in on-state resistance (Rdson) while maintaining low gate charge (Qg) values compared to previous generations.
3. The avalanche capabilities of these devices enable it to safeguard against over-voltage transients.

Features of PolarP2 HiPerFET versions inlcude:
1. Available in current ratings of 24, 42, 52, 74, 94 and 120 Amperes.
2. These versions retains all the features and advantages of the PolarP2 Standard versions with the added benefit of a fast intrinsic rectifier for increased turn-off dV/dt immunity and low reverse recovery speeds (trr of no greater than 250ns).
3. Provides fast transient response, increased power efficiency, improved ruggedness, and high operating frequencies.
4. These devices are suitable for device selections particularly in popular zero voltage switching (ZVS) topologies where body diode reverse recovery characteristics are critical.

Part number examples from the cost-effective PolarP2 Standard subclass include the IXTH450P2, IXTP450P2, IXTQ450P2, IXTQ460P2, and IXTQ470P2. Part number examples from the highperformance PolarP2 HiPerFET subclass include the IXFH42N50P2, IXFT52N50P2, IXFK74N50P2, IXFX94N50P2, and IXFB120N50P2.

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