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  Date: 03/02/2009

New gateway device supporting serial, synchronous, and X.25 to TCP/IP conversion

Microtronix Datacom has launched a new CE approved and RoHS compliant Access 4000TM Gateway, an open architecture platform supporting serial, synchronous and X.25 to TCP/IP conversion. The Access 4000 suite of applications forms the basis of a variety of Microtronix networking solutions including; X.25/TCP Gateway, protocol conversions; SMDI-SIP translation and AMA/CDR collection.

The new Access 4000 is an open, user extensible Linux platform supporting: Encryption/SSL, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and secure web-based configuration and management. It is ideal for use in application domains such as POS/ATM, Legacy-VoIP MWI notification, RADAR, satellite, airport traffic control, reservation systems, and Telecom billing record mediation.

The Microtronix Access 4000 Gateway is available in the following product configurations:

1. X.25 - TCP/IP Gateway
2. Synchronous Gateway
3. Secure Terminal/Console Server
4. AMA/CDR Collection Manager formatted in CDR, EMI, TPS
5. MWI UniCom SMDI/SIP Router
6. Access 6000 ISDN-VoIP Gateway

1. Shipping commences in June 2009 and is available through Microtronix and Authorized Microtronix Resellers.
2. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to engineers for the development of custom network applications.

Price: The Access 4000 Gateway is value priced at 2,975
This includes:
1. Three years hardware & software warranty
2. Free installation support
3. Free shipping to continental Europe with no minimum quantities
4. Additional volume discounts up to 15%

For additional information please contact:

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