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  Date: 26/08/2009

Test sockets to debug dense surface mount IC packages such as BGAs

Delhi based MiniATE Systems has made available a new pogo pin based ET 2300 socket system to test and debug high pin count packages such as BGA, QFN and any such packages with lead pitches down to 0.5 mm.
ET 2300 socket system operates up to a frequency of 23 GHz with -1dB of insertion loss. Applications suggested include development, debug, hand test, programming, test of ASIC or FPGA's, package and chip qualification, production prototype, failure analysis and high volume production use. Available in compression mount, surface mount and thru-hole packages.
MiniATE claims, the ET 2300 design is unique in that the retention systems are interchangeable, provides for die probing, has a built in pressure plate and requires less real estate on each side of the chip than other socket systems.
We not able to find out the website of this company, however the email to contact is Email:

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