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  Date: 15/11/2006

PowerQUICC based media processor from Freescale eyeing Indian SOHO market

Bangalore: Freescale's Indian design center has developed new PowerQUICC based media processor targeting growing home-entertainment-networking market in India and world. The MPC8313E packs unique set of features, which are new in the market.

High Definition Television (HDTV), other media equipment, handheld gadgets, PCs, home security systems can communicate with each other using this processor. It can deliver simultaneously Four encrypted HDTV data streams.
Today, in a typical digital home lot of data, video and audio content accumulates through mobile, broadband, cable, portable storage media and other various wired and wireless channels. A media storage system to store all this data and allow user to retrieve/play seamlessly across various display formats and systems is what this processor is aimed at.
The digital content issues such as piracy protection, Quality of Service(QOS) and a simple user-interface are taken care. It embeds high-level of encryption and data security features.
Built using Freescale's E300 based power architecture, the MPC8313E runs at speeds up to 333MHz and processing performance of 700MIPS.
The power consumption is kept low by supporting ACPI standards, wakeup feature and low standby power.
Sunil S. Kaul marketing head for PowerQUICC products of Freescale Semiconductor says, India; with a 40 million broadband subscribers and also the world's highest movie producing region is expected to provide huge market opportunity for this kind of application.

The other key features of the product are,

Integrated Gigabit Ethernet, and USB2.0.
Compliant with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA).
32-bit Double Data Rate (DDR1/DDR2) memory controller.
32-bit PCI controller.
16-bit local bus.
Four Direct Memory Access (DMA) channels.
On-chip Memory Management Unit (MMU) with 16kb of L1 instruction and data cache.
Built in security unit provides hardware acceleration for the DES, 3DES, AES, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) and MD-5 algorithms.
Support IEEE1588 timing control for industrial applications.
Offers SGMII serial interface for gigabit ethernet controllers.

The targeted applications are, residential gateways, IEEE(R) 802.11n access points, digital media servers, Network Access Storage(NAS) devices and printers

Freescale supports developers with reference design, 6 months free license to codewarrior software and a host of development tools and support.

Availability: Sampling now production volumes in 2Q07
Price: $15 each for a minimum order of 10K pieces

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